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7 Essential Tips for an Effective Fundraising Strategy

Can prospective and current families find your school quickly and easily? Uncover the mysteries of the perfect digital strategy with this free online course. Learn how Finalsite’s full suite of tools will save you time and improve your school’s online presence. Plus, according to the same Double the Donation article, donors who are eligible for a match are more likely to give in the first place. In fact, 84% of donors say they’re more likely to give and one in three say they’re likely to donate more if they know about their eligibility. You should also make good use of white space on this page while still employing one or two visual components to pull at your supporters’ heartstrings.

  • When a donor is retained, meaning they gave a second time, the chance of them becoming a regular, repeat donor becomes much higher.
  • As long as it doesn’t jeopardize your program, give yourself permission to fail and learn from it.
  • Motivating the staff of the organization is also important.
  • You can decide what information is necessary when someone makes a donation.
  • They give more over the span of their relationship with your organization than the average one-time donor.
  • Now more than ever, effective fundraising is vital to the success of nonprofit organizations.

As you make your case to major donors, include your nonprofit’s accomplishments and the actual mission-based results of major gifts in the past. Show them that a gift of $XX, XXX helped you accomplish a very action-oriented task.

Set a date and time for your fundraising event.

Make a list of activities that grow your individual giving program. Think about donor acquisition, donor retention, and upgrading current donors.

What is the hardest part about fundraising?

1. Building trust with donors. Building trust with the public is one of the biggest fundraising challenges for any nonprofit. Donors want to be sure their money will make a difference.

Your marketing and communications strategy is what introduces your audience to your campaign and persuades them to give to your cause. Therefore, you need to have a dedicated communication strategy in place to effectively earn the support of donors. The donor experience starts long before you acquire that donor. It starts when the person hears about your organization for the very first time. It could be through a digital ad, out of home media or that very first hello at the door or on the phone. Every touch point matters, and not every touch point needs to be an expensive, well executed direct mail piece. Sometimes an SMS can speak volumes if it’s the right communication at the right time.

Create a first-class donor experience.

Check out some of our tips to see how you can make the most out of your social media presence. However, since donors have to leave their email and visit your website to submit 7 Essential Tips for an Effective Fundraising Strategy a donation, convincing them to give over email definitely takes a bit of strategy. Including a range of suggested gift sizes can help encourage a larger donation.

7 Essential Tips for an Effective Fundraising Strategy

This is an efficient way to get a sense of who your major donors are. From there, you can look at factors like how long they’ve been donating and how often. From the largest gift, start going down your list of donors until you make up about 75% of your total funds. Dive into our in-depth fundraising template resource to make planning out your fundraising strategy easier than ever. Next to donations, one of the most important outcomes from a fundraising campaign is the valuable insight you can draw from engagement metrics.


The individual or organization about to embark into the world of development needs to understand that it is a profession in its own right. Webinars & Events Watch informational webinars and attend industry events. Take a look at the Finalsite Giving and Support Pinterest board for examples of how you can use your school website to help raise funds for your school.

7 Essential Tips for an Effective Fundraising Strategy

Are you acquiring donors at a rate that can sustain your organization long-term? Is your donor acquisition cost suffering from a new marketing strategy you implemented? Without concrete evidence to answer these and many other questions about your organization’s financial health, your team will be left in the dark. For every fundraising campaign, choose KPIs that report on progress toward your nonprofit’s specific goals. Either way, planning the right fundraising campaign to fit your nonprofit’s goals is a complicated process with several moving parts. A crucial part of many fundraising campaigns is prospect research.

When to start your nonprofit’s year-end fundraising

Social media is a free and potentially unlimited way to reach new donors for your fundraiser. Depending on the social network you choose, you can use different types of media to generate donations. For WordPress users, Charitable provides almost all of the functionality you need to create, publish, and manage your donation forms.

And if you see that the end of April is crazy, you’ll avoid starting new projects then. The great thing about this process is how it helps everyone agree to priorities at the get-go and understand potential impacts if you change course or don’t reach a goal. Be realistic about resources in terms of availability and limitations.

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